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Gujarat today has attained the state of the most favored location for industrial investment in the country. Of all the Indian states, Gujarat account for a sizable chunk of investments approved through Industrial Entrepreneurship
The state has now emerge as a major manufacturer of cotton textile, man- made textile fabrics, inorganic chemicals like soda-ash and caustic soda, organic chemicals, agro chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides, detergent and cosmetics, dyes and dye-intermediates, drugs and pharmaceuticals, petroleum and petrochemicals products including plastics, food processing especially dairy products, sugar, edible oil and vanaspati,paper and paper boards, cement, steel re-rolled products, industrial machinery including machine tools and so on.
1.​ Strategic location giving easy accessibility to the western, middle-east and African markets.
2. Longest coastline in India -1600 kms, dotted with 41 ports,3 major 9 intermediate and 29 minor. Mundra, a recently commissioned port offers 15 meters of permissible draft.
3. Rich heritage of entrepreneurial skill.
4.​  High level of industrializations.
5.​ Offering highly productive and peaceful workforce in the country. Excellent road network connecting all important centre in the state.
6.​ An efficient rail network connecting all important centers of the state.
7.​ Highest number of Airports10 amongst all the state in India with Ahmedabad-an international airport.
8.​  Second highest in India in terms of industrial production, lignite, petroleum cement.
9.​ Quality network of educational institute.
GUJARAT- Where Natural Treasures Abound
Gujarat state is located in western India and lies between Longitudes E68°04'OO"to74°80'00" &Latitudes20°02°00"to24°42'00". With a geographical area of 1,96,024 sq. kms., Gujarat is also gifted with a 1600 kms. long coastline, which houses many important ports. They propel the development of the state through import and export.
                                                            Geologically, Gujarat is a treasure trove of various mineral-bearing rocks ranging in age from Pre-Cambrian, Jurassic, Cretaceous, Tertiary and Quaternary Formations.  Gujarat  is endowed  with  rich   minerals  like  petroleum & natural gas, lignite, bauxite, limestone, bentonite, fire-clay, china-clay,  fluorspar,  marble, agate, chalk, gypsum  and  decorative &dimension stones with which, the state possesses a prominent place in mineral production in India. Mineral production has been a major factor in providing employment especially in backward areas, earning valuable royalty and foreign exchange.  The existence of high-class infrastructure facilities and business environment, further add to the  prospect  of  +mineral development and mineral based industries in the state.
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